KHOROG, November 23, 2009, Asia-Plus  -- Tactical exercise was conducted at the Khorog hydroelectric power plant (HPP) on November 21.

Anvarsho Sholangarov, the deputy chief of the GBAO firefighting service, who was in overall command of the exercise, told Asia-Plus that the exercise had been conducted in the framework of events to ensure regular work of the region’s economy in the winter period.

According to him, the exercise involved the region’s firefighting service, fire-prevention services of the Pamir Energy Company (PamirEnergy) that runs the plant, as well as members of the rescue team of the GBAO emergency management agency and the Khorog emergency medical service.  “The exercise scenario was based on a fire breaking out at the station and the exercise participants coped well with their tasks,” Sholangarov said.

He added that the majority of fires occurred in the region mainly in the autumn-winter period and in the majority of cases, the main causes of them were noncompliance with fire safety requirements and careless use of electrical appliances.

“Over the last week alone, three fires have taken place in residential houses in the city of Khorog and the Rushan district because of careless use of electrical appliances,” said Sholangarov, “In all, 26 fires have been registered in the region since the beginning of this year and damage caused by them has been estimated at more than 125,000 somoni.”