DUSHANBE, March 31, 2010, Asia-Plus -- A big lake formed after mudslide in Nurobod region and which threatened nearby villages has finally disappeared, a source in the Tajik Committee on Emergency Situations told the AP.

As a result of the dam burst the flow ran downstream the river, the source said.

“Experts, however, forecast another mudflow in the given sector and closely monitor the situation in the most unstable south-east bank of Surkhob River,” the source reported.

Villagers who were evacuated from their settlements have returned back to their homes.

Two mudflows which occurred early in the morning on March 27 130km away from Dushanbe not far from Gulmon village of Nurobod region have blocked the riverbed of Surkhob River. This natural dam caused the formation of a big lake more than 200m wide, 25m deep and 3km long. 400 local villagers from nearby villages of Gulmon, Aeroport, Chorsada, Sicharog were evacuated to safe places.