DUSHANBE. June 4. “Asia-Plus” -- Heavy rainfalls and hail, which occurred in Tajikistan yesterday, June 3, caused severe damage to multiple houses and farmland in Huroson region of Khatlon area.

1 house reported partially destroyed, another 23 seriously damaged as a result of a mudflow which occurred in Gallaobod Jamoat of the given region, Tajik Emergency Committee told the AP. “Severe damage was caused to Pahtakor village of Hiloli jamoat where 6 houses were partially destroyed and 35 flooded with mud,” the source reported, stressing that a special commission was set up to evaluate the damage.

“Fortunately, this time no victims were reported,” the source has said.

Heavy rainfalls, which caused mudslides to occur in Huroson region in April and May 2009, caused severe damage to three villages which were covered by a three-meter mass of mud and stones. Nearly 300 houses were totally destroyed, local residents were resettled.

Meanwhile, the republican meteorological service reports that stable shiny weather is expected in Tajikistan after June 8. “In the past years similar weather conditions in the beginning of summer period were observed back in 1998 and 2009,” the source has said.