DUSHANBE, July 19, 2010, Asia-Plus  -- A large fire broke out at Dushanbe’s kindergarten # 140 Saturday evening, at around 7:30 pm, according to the firefighting service within the Ministry of Interior (MoI).

Fortunately, no children were at the kindergarten as the fire broke out in the evening.

“A space of some 1,000 square meters was enveloped in flames and the kindergarten’s roof burned down completely,” the source said.

Watchman of the kindergarten, Furqat Domullojonov, who tried to put out the fire on his own, sustained serious burn injuries (a burn covered 20 percent of the body).  Two fighters – Nemat Toshev and Parviz Fakhriddinov – got carbon monoxide poisoning while extinguishing the fire.  They were hospitalized at City Clinical Hospital # 3, the source said.

The cause of the fire is under investigation and a special commission is currently working at the fir site to asses actual volume of damage caused to the kindergarten.