KHORG, July 29, 2010, Asia-Plus -- Ongoing hot weather has led to increase in water levels in the Vanjob River in Vanj district, Gorno Badakhshan; flooding has affected more than ten hectares of areas under crops and gardens in the area.

According to the GBAO emergency management agency, the Vanjob River yesterday breeched its banks, destroying the river bank protection works constructed by local residents near the village of Gujovast.  The flood damaged ten hectares of areas under crops and gardens as well as six meters of the road.

Specialists from the GBAO emergency management agency are currently working in the flood site.

In the meantime, Khoushvakhtsho Qadamov, the head of the local farming unit, Sulh, told Asia-Plus that they applied to local authorities and international humanitarian organizations two years ago already, asking to help build more stable river ban protection works.  “However, we have not received reply,” Qadamov noted.