KHOROG, August 9, 2010, Asia-Plus  -- Long-lasted hot weather has resulted in rivers breaching their banks in Gorno Badakhshan.

According to Suraj Davronshoyev, water levels in the Ghund and Panj River last Saturday rose to the level of 925 cm.  “Such water level rise had been reported in the area in the 1950s, when water levels in the Ghund and Panj rivers had risen to the level of 950 cm,” the GBAO emergencies official noted.

Floods have reportedly damaged some 10 hectares of plowed fields of the village of Ghijovast in Vanj district and 68 hectares of potato fields in the village of Hisor of Ishkashim district.  Flooding has also affected three residential buildings in the village of Zong, Ishkashim district.

Besides, one house and three yurts have been swept away by flooding in the village of Modiyon, Murgab district.

In the administrative center of Rushan district, flooding damaged has 85 hectares of farmland and 28 households in Rushan are under the threat of flood,” Davronshoyev noted, adding that floods have swept away pedestrian bridges and blocked roads in some areas of Shugnan, Rushan, Ishkashim and Vanj districts.

On August 9, water levels in the Ghund and Panj rivers fell to 856 cm.