DUSHANBE, August 24, 2010, Asia-Plus  -- The situation in Tavildara district is stable like the whole Rasht Valley and there is no reason for destabilization of the situation in the area, the Tavildara chairman Himmatsho Ghayratov told Asia-Plus by phone today.

“Local residents are sticking to their last,” said Ghayratov.  “I do not have information that the escaped prisoners fled toward the Rasht Valley.”    

We will that security in Tavildara deteriorated in July 2009, with government forces battling what the authorities described as drug-trafficking gangs.  According to Tajik law enforcement authorities, during several weeks of fighting at least nine armed militants were killed and more than 100 were detained. 

The majority of the escaped prisoners were originally arrested in Tavildara in July 2009.