KHOROG, January 21, 2011, Asia-Plus  -- Damage caused by natural disasters to Gorno Badakhshan’s economy last year is estimated at 25.3 million somoni.

Dustali Khujamov, the chief of staff of the GBAO emergency management agency, told reporters in Khorog on January 20 that more than 120 natural disasters were reported in the region last year, including 9 earthquakes, 56 avalanches, 31 mudslides and numerous cases of rockfalls.  Besides, 42 traffic accidents were registered in Gorno Badakhshan last year.

According to him, last year’s disasters and traffic accidents killed 31 people, leaving another 47 injured.

The regional emergencies official added that disasters damaged 2,848 residential buildings (some 70 houses were destroyed to the extent of being unsuitable for living), 45 educational, 21 medical and 31 cultural facilities.  Besides, 289 kilometers of roads, 32 bridges, 15 kilometers of power transmission lines, 145 kilometers of lines of communications and 71 kilometers of irrigation canals were damaged by disasters in the area last year.