DUSHANBE, January 27, 2011, Asia-Plus -- If consider possible consequences of a bombing attack at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport, I do not think that it will lead to further increase in xenophobia in Russia, Vafo Niyatbekov, a chief specialist from the Center for Strategic Studies under the President of Tajikistan, said in an interview with Asia-Plus.
“The problem is xenophobia has gone overboard in Russia,” said Niyatbekov, “Today, there are many versions of the cause of the Domodedovo terrorist act and one of them is that the blast is response to the December riot on Manezhnaya Square in Moscow.”
We will recall that on December 13, 2010, serious disorder erupted in central Moscow as thousands of football fans and ultra-nationalists vented their anger over the death of a Spartak Moskva supporter in a brawl with members of ethnic minorities from the North Caucasus. It was the biggest outbreak of violence in the centre of the city since 1993, and included clashes between nationalist protesters and riot police, and attacks on people of non-Slavic appearance - both on Manezhnaya Square and at a nearby subway station.
“Suggestion that the terrorist act is an attempt to deepen doubts about Russia’s ability to host 2018 World Football Cup could also be considered as one of versions,” the expert from the Tajik think tank.
Security will be tightened in Russia after the January 24 terrorist attack but Russian authorities will scarcely crack down on residents of Caucasus and Central Asia that go to Russia seeking better employment opportunities, Niyatbekov said.