KULOB, February 1, 2011, Asia-Plus  -- One fatal traffic accident has been reported in Kulob region this month.

The Kulob traffic police chief, Major Saymumin Hasanov, says one person was killed and at least one other was injured on January 13 as a car overturned on the Shar-Shar Pass in Muminobod district.   According to him, this section of the road is the most dangerous in the area.

“In 2010, 14 fatal traffic accidents were registered in the region and seven of them occurred on the Shar-Shar Pass,” Major Hasanov said, noting the 31 traffic accidents registered in the city and the district of Kulob last year left 14 dead and 38 injured.

In all, nearly 7,000 instances of violation of highway regulations were recorded in the city and the district of Kulob in 2010 and reckless drivers are the main violators of traffic regulations in the area, the traffic police department chief said.