QURGHON TEPPA, May 7, 2011, Asia-Plus -- According to the preliminary investigation, a destructive fire that broke out at central bazaar in Rumi district, Khatlon province on April 30 was reportedly caused by electricity malfunction  in one of shops at the bazaar.

The fire destroyed some 90 percent (1,500 square meters) of the bazaar space.  170 local merchants were running their shops at the Rumi bazaar.

The Rumi deputy chairperson, Ms. Dilbar Nourmatova, told Asia-Plus that according to the preliminary investigation, the fire was caused by electricity malfunction in one of shops at the bazaar.  “Fortunately, no injured was reported,” she said, adding that special commission is currently working to assess actual volume of damage caused by the fire.

“Merchants whose shops were destroyed by the fire will be provided with new places at the new district market, Bahor,” said Nourmatova, “The Bahor administration has met their halfway and decided to exempt them from paying rental fees during three months.”

In the meantime, not all merchants have agreed to move to the new market; many of them have decided to rebuild their destroyed shops at the fire-hit bazaar.