DUSHANBE, June 13, 2011, Asia-Plus - On Sunday, June 12th, mudslides, which were caused by heavy rainfalls, caused severe damage to houses and infrastructure in Asht, Ganjin regions and Penjikent city of northern Tajikistan. No victims are reported.

The most severe damage was caused to 86 households located in Bobodarkhon and Saro Jamoats of Asht region where 35 households were totally destroyed and 51 were partially damaged, Emergency Coordinator from RCST Office in Sughd area Fakhriddin Karimov told the AP.  

Mudslides caused severe damage to 60 houses in Eri Jamoat of Penjikent city, 2 bridges and washed away 2km long section of a local highway.

In Ganjina region the disaster caused severe damage to Kalai Mirzoboy, Basmanda and Chuyanchi villages of Ovji Jamoat and Rosrovud village where severe damage was caused to 4 households of which 3 were partially and one totally destroyed. 1km long section of a local road and arable plots have been washed away, some animals reported killed.

“Local emergency committees and volunteers from RCST helped to evacuate local villagers and provided related assistance. RCST will provide detailed information about the damage as soon as the competent assessment is completed. RCST will also provide related aid to local villagers,” Karimov has said.