KHUJAND, June 14, 2011, Asia-Plus - New land plots will be allocated this week for disaster affected families from Asht region whose houses were destroyed last Sunday, the local administration of Asht region told the AP.

According to Asht officials, mudslides which occurred on June 12 as a result of heavy rainfalls have totally destroyed 34 houses in Bobodarkhon and Faro villages of Pongoz Jamoat of Asht region. Severe damage was caused to another 52 houses.

The disaster affected villagers have to stay at their relatives and neighbors. On Saturday they will be granted new land plots in Bakhmal village.

Villagers whose houses were partially destroyed will also be resettled to Bakhmal village.

Disaster affected families continue to receive foodstuffs, beddings and kitchen appliances and are provided with primary necessities which are being delivered to the scene by the Sughd administration.

Regional commission is assessing the total damage caused by the disaster. Fortunately, no victims were reported.

According to preliminary assessment, mudslides have washed out 11km of local roads, destroyed 500m of power lines and caused severe damage to 10ha of arable land, 20 milk cows, sheep, goats reported dead. Mudslides have destroyed three transport facilities.

Mudslides caused by heavy rainfalls on June 12 caused severe damage to houses and infrastructure in Asht, Ganjina regions and Penjikent city.