On Tuesday June 24, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan yesterday sent a note regarding the murder of little Tajik girl in the Russian city of Serpukhov to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The brutal murder of the five-year-old national of Tajikistan, Huvaido Tillozoda, on July 22 in the Russian city of Serpukhov has caused strong indignation and shock in Tajikistan, says the Tajik MFA information department. 

The Tajik authorities urge Russian relevant bodies to carry out a thorough investigation into the murder and demand severe punishment to the criminal who committed that inhuman act.  

The Tajik MFA says Tajikistan’s diplomatic mission and consulates in Russia will be in constant contact with relevant Russian bodies until completion of the investigation and passing of sentence. 

Recall, the five-year-old Huvaido was found dead on July 23 not far from the railway station in the city of Serpukhov, Moscow oblast. 

Alexander Syomin, suspected of killing Huvaido Tillozoda

The girl reportedly disappeared on July 22 while she was playing in the yard of the apartment building, in which her family lives. 

The girl was found dead next day without visible signs of violence.

A 28-year-old local resident, Alexander Syomin, who lives in the same apartment building, was detained on suspicion of raping and killing the girl.

According to Moskovsky Komsomolets, fingerprints of the girl and traces of her shoes were found in the man’s apartment.  

Meanwhile, neighbors say that two girls last month complained that Syomin was running after them with his pants down.  Their mothers applied to police but they did not institute criminal proceedings, limiting themselves just to conversation with the man.