The Prosecutor-General’s Office is investigating the attack on foreign cyclists that took place in the Danghara district on July 29.  

The criminal proceedings have reportedly been instituted under the provisions of articles “terrorism” and “murder.”  

Recall, four foreign cyclists, including two Americans, one Dutchman and a Swiss citizen, were killed during a bike tour in Danghara district on July 29.  They were attacked by at least one assailant with a gun and knife after being run down by a vehicle.  Three other foreigners were injured in the attack.  The incident took place at around 3:30 pm in the Sebiston jamoat, some 150 kilometers south of 

According to the Tajik authorities, four perpetrators were killed and five others were detained alive.  

Islamic State (IS) terror group claimed responsibility for the attack and issued a video on July 31 showing five men pledging allegiance to the group under its black flag.

The Tajik government, however, rejected the claim and instead blamed followers of the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan (IRPT).

In a statement released on July 31, the Interior Ministry of Tajikistan says that one of the detained perpetrators – Hussein Abdusamadov – was the leader of the hit-and-run plot.  He was reportedly an active member of the IRPT and underwent ideological and military-commando training in Iran.  

Iran denied the suggestion it was in any way linked to the attack.  Bahram Hisami, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran, condemned the Sunday terrorist attack which claimed the lives of four foreign tourists in Tajikistan.

“We condemn all terrorist acts in all over the world, including the recent attack on foreign tourists in Tajikistan,” said Bahram Ghasemi, the Spokesperson of Iranian Foreign Ministry, on Tuesday, according to Mehr News Agency

Ghasemi criticized what was proposed, in a statement released by the Interior Ministry of Tajikistan, as Iran’s role in training terrorists for sabotage operations.  He underlined that Iran dismisses any connection to that terrorist attack and categorically denies that there is any military base to train terrorists inside Iran.

The Iranian diplomat further added that ‘bringing up such baseless and groundless claims’ harms the brotherly and friendly relations between Iran and Tajikistan.  He voiced hope that the two sides bolster bilateral ties and prevent foreign meddlers undermine the relations between Tehran and Dushanbe.