The chief of the Drug Control Agency (DCA)’s office for Sughd province, Mirzoravshan Sanginzoda, and the deputy chief of the Zarafshon inter-district department of the DCA’s office for Sughd province, Sharif Nematzoda, have been fired following complaint from Ukrainian businessman Vitaly Kostyuk.

Vitaly Kostyuk has filed complaint over violation of his rights by Tajik drug control officers in the Foreign Ministry of Tajikistan.

A statement released by the Foreign Ministry, in particular, says that official investigation has revealed that behavior of drug control officers did not comply with the statute and Sanginzoda and Nematzoda were relieved of their positions.  

Vitaly Kostyuk was supposed to meet with Tajik businessman in Dushanbe in late May to discuss collaboration issues, but when Kostyuk and his companion crossed the Uzbek-Tajik border, four men in civilian clothes stopped their car and ordered them to drive to Panjakent for inspection.

After inspecting the car and their personal item, two drug control officers took them to Khujand.  According to Kostyuk, the drug control officers even did not explain the reason for detention and inspection. 

A legal assessment will be given to the behavior of the abovementioned persons on the basis of investigation being conducted by relevant bodies, the Foreign Ministry’s statement says.