The Emergencies Committee under the Government of Tajikistan warns that torrential rain can cause floods and mudslides this week and calls on people to be cautious and advises them not to travel to mountain areas unnecessarily.

According to the Hydrometeorology Agency (Hydromet), torrential rain, thunderstorms and hailstorms are expected to hit the country this week and sleet is expected in mountain areas.  

“In this connection, the Emergencies Committee warns of possible mudslides, rockfalls and floods and calls on people to be vigilant,” the Emergencies Committee press center says.

“There is threat of lightning strikes.  There is risk of mudslides and rockfalls on mountain roads.  Torrential rain can lead to sharp rise in water levels in the rivers,” the Emergencies Committee notes.   

The Emergencies Committee advises people not to travel to mountain areas unnecessarily.  

In case of emergencies, dial 112 or (+992) 93 880 28 19, 223 13 11.