Ten people have been injured in an oxygen cylinder last at the Panjshanbe bazaar, the largest market in the Tajik northern city of Khujand, according to the Interior Ministry press center. 

The explosion reportedly took place yesterday afternoon at the soft drinks shop owned by Firouz Mirzoyev. 

The Interior Ministry press center says the explosion has been caused by an abnormal heat.  

Ten people were reportedly injured by the blast, and two of them were taken to a hospital. 

Investigation has been launched into the explosion.   

Panjshanbe Bazaar is one of the most interesting sights in Khujand.  It is regularly mentioned on lists of “Top Bazaars on the Silk Road.”  

The name of the covered market Panjshanbe sounds similar to the name of the Tajik capital city – Dushanbe for a reason. Both names mean days of the week: Dushanbe – Monday, Panjshanbe – Thursday. They used to have trade on Mondays in Dushanbe, and on Thursdays in Khujand.

The bazaar consists of main pavilions and stalls, tents and shops adjust to it. 

The main feature of the Panjshanbe market is its unique architecture and design. Construction of the pavilion took place in the middle of the 20th century and finished in 1962.  The interior of the bazaar building combines Soviet and oriental styles. 

Panjshanbe Bazaar offers a big variety of goods, including grocery and non-food.  Foreign tourists definitely recommend each other to visit Panjshanbe Bazaar.