DUSAHNBE, October 31, Asia-Plus -- Today morning, Dushanbe Mayor Mahmadsaid is presiding over a meeting of the mayor’s office to discuss preparations for the autumn and winter period of 2006-2007.  

Shavkat Saidov, a spokesman for the Dushanbe mayor, said heads of the municipal energy and passenger transport services, as well as markets and other organizations will report on preparations to ensure the regular work of their facilities during the winter period. 

The seventh session of the Dushanbe legislature (Majlis) held on September 25 also discussed preparations for the winter period.  The session made a decision to stockpile 400 tons of coal as alternate fuel for orphanages and preschool institutions in Dushanbe.  The session set November 1 as a deadline for preparation of the municipal services to work in the winter period.  During the session it was pointed to the necessity of strengthening of work of a commission for the preparations for winter.  The session offered to work out a special agreements that will be concluded between municipal services and householders.