DUSHANBE, July 9, 2015, Asia-Plus -- A prosecutor has asked a 25-year sentenced for Tajik tycoon Zayd Saidov who had already been sentenced to 26 years in jail.

Saidov’s relatives say a prosecutor in the trial of Zayd Saidov have asked the Supreme Court to sentence Zayd Saidov to a 25-year prison and impose a 34 million somoni fine.

The trial is being held in the detention center of the State Committee for National Security (SCNS) behind closed doors.

A new criminal case against the jailed Tajik tycoon moved to a court in January this year.  The new case against Zayd Saidov reportedly includes forgery, abuse of office, embezzlement and tax evasion.  Saidov reportedly committed these infringements during construction of the Dushanbe-Plaza Center and illegal privatization of Open Joint-Stock Company (OJSC) Tojikatlas.

We will recall that Zayd Saidov was sentenced to 26 years'' imprisonment on December 25, 2013 after being convicted of financial fraud, polygamy, and sexual relations with a minor.

Zayd Saidov maintains innocence and his supporters say the case against Zayd Saidov was politically motivated.