DUSHANBE, October 15, 2015, Asia-Plus – The investigation into the case of arrested members of the banned Islamic Revival Party of Tajikistan (IRP) has reportedly been classified as “top secret.”

We will recall that the Prosecutor-General’s Office said on October 6 that 23 leading members and activists of the IRP have been arrested, many on suspicion of leading a deadly mutiny by a serving deputy defense minister in early September.

Criminal probes are reportedly under way against the party leading members who face charges including terrorism, inciting religious and racial enmity, and attempting to seize power by force.

Many also face forgery, fraud, and other economic crime charges.

The arrested leading members include deputy heads of the IRP, while party leader Muhiddin Kabiri remains in a self-imposed exile outside Tajikistan.

We will recall that Tajikistan’s Supreme Court on September 29 banned the Islamic Revival Party (IRP) as terrorist group on the basis of a suit filed by the Prosecutor-General’s Office.  The verdict forces the closure of the IRPT''s official newspaper Najot (Salvation) and bans the distribution of any video, audio, or printed materials related to the party''s activities.

Meanwhile, the case of lawyer Buzurgmehr Yorov, who was arrested on September 28, has also been classified as “top secret.”

The Tajik authorities charged Yorov with fraud and document forgery under articles 140 and 340 of Tajikistan’s Penal Code, while some sources say the authorities arrested him in retaliation for representing 13 leading members of the Islamic Revival Party of Tajikistan (IRP).