DUSHANBE, January 13, 2016, Asia-Plus – A court in the Russian city of Kolchugino (Vladimir oblast) has convicted the 19-year-old Mavzouna Mazoriyeva for propagating religious extremism.  The court has reportedly ruled that Mazoriyeva should pay a fine of 100,000 Russian rubles (RR).

According to the website of the Vladimir Oblast Prosecutor’s Office, Mazoriyeva stood trial on terrorism propaganda charges.  Criminal proceedings were reportedly instituted against her under the provisions of Article 280 (2) of Russia’s Penal Code – public calls for extremist activities.

Mazoriyeva had reportedly placed materials propagating religious extremism on the Internet, calling to carrying out extremist activity.

Mavzouna Mazoriyeva fully admitted her guilt, the Vladimir Oblast Prosecutor’s Office said.

That is not the first case of detention of Tajik nationals in Russia for propagating Islamic extremism.

Radio Liberty’s Tajik Service  has reported that a court in Russia''s northwestern city of Arkhangelsk sentenced a Tajik man to three years in prison on November 11, 2015.  The 20-year-old Shahboz Azimov, who was detained in April last year, was found guilty of inciting hatred, making public calls for terrorism, and publicly justifying terrorism via the Internet.

Investigators say that Azimov had placed materials on the Internet calling on Muslims in Russia to launch jihad against non-Muslims and to join Islamic militants in Iraq and Syria. 

Police say they found booklets and electronic materials with text propagating religious extremism in Azimov''s residence in Arkhangelsk.