The court of the capital''s Ismoili Somoni district sentenced the resident of Bokhtar district Husein Rakhmonov to 5 years of imprisonment for the desire to join the ranks of the terrorist organization "Islamic State". He was found guilty under part 2 of article 307 of the criminal code (Organization of an extremist organization).

As it was reported in the court of Ismoili Somoni district, in his mobile phone Rakhmonov has installed "ZELLO"  program (Guide to the "Islamic State"), and, after reading through the IS materials he opened his page called "Usmon.55" in Internet. "Then got acquainted with other members of the group and agreed to their invitation to go to Syria to fight there," said the source.

According to the source, in January 2016 for the purpose of travel to Syria he, via the Internet on his phone, has installed "Telegram", with the help of which he made contact with a member of ISIS in Afghanistan under the pseudonym "Shahoma" and found out a ways of joining to ISIL. "Sahoma advised him to take a visa and come to Afghanistan for the passage of the religious-military courses, in order to return to Tajikistan and fight against the state "toguts" (that means against the officers, called "apostates, who do not believe in God").

Then in the same month he came back in Tajikistan, from Bokhtar district he tangled with "Shahoma" under the names "Usmon", " Abu Asmoa" and "Abu Usmon" and asked them for money on the trip, but they said they did not have money, and in this regard, initially instructed him to explore the territory of the existing mosques on the subject of the installation there observation cameras, to listen to the sermon of imam-hatib and get to know their opinion about the "Islamic State" - said in court.

The court also added that A. Rakhmonov with the help of his brother Faridun Rakhmonovr and nephew have visited the mosque on Lomonosov Street in Dushanbe, the mosque near the town’s market Kurgan-Tyube and through the program "Telegram" he gave information to "Shahoma".