He disappeared in 2014, no one, even relatives, knows where he is, and he remains on the wanted list.

The ex-deputy of the Sughd Regional Majlis, the former general director of the Isfara Chemical Plant, the main person involved in the scandalous “Isfara case” and one of the main witnesses for the prosecution in the Zayd Saidov case, Nizomkhon Juraev, who disappeared in 2014  remains wanted until today.

«Nobody knows where he is now - neither his lawyer, nor the court, nor relatives, - this was reported by a source in the Agency for State Financial Control and Anti-Corruption of Tajikistan. - We also do not have information about where Juraev may be hiding».

He stated that in early 2018, the criminal case against Juraev was referred to court.

The investigation of another part of the criminal case against him in connection with the disappearance at the end of June 2014 was suspended. In addition, a criminal case against some of his accomplices is under investigation.

Meanwhile, Nizomkhon Juraev is not listed on the official website of Interpol in the column on information about persons sought by Tajikistan.