A prosecutor in the trial of a 21-year-old native of Tajikistan Samariddin Rajabov asked a court in Moscow’ Meshchansky district on December 23 to sentence Samariddin Rajabov to a 3 ½-year prison term, according to Meduza

Samariddin himself considers that even having jailed protesters, the authorities will fail to solve a problem that makes people take to the streets.  

Recall, Samariddin Rajabov was detained for throwing plastic bottle at policeman in Moscow during a July 27 protest rally.

Criminal proceedings have been instituted against him under the provisions of Article 318 (1) of Russia’s Penal Code -- threat of use of violence against a representative of authority. 

At first, Samariddin Rajabov was arrested under the provisions of an administrative article and the Presnensky district court of Moscow has sentenced him to two months in prison for participation in an unsanctioned protest rally on July 27.

Samariddin was accused of participating in an unsanctioned protest rally and throwing a plastic bottle at a law enforcement officer: “a bottle hit the head of a law enforcement officer and caused him physical pain.”