He also denied information that he was beaten.

On September 22, a number of media outlets reported about an attack by a group of masked people on the house of the former Minister of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan Yakub Salimov. However, the country's Interior Ministry and Salimov's son denied the attack.

The media, referring to Salimov's relatives, reported that the incident allegedly took place on the night of August 18: a group of unknown men in black clothes and masks attacked Salimov's house, smashed the windows of his Range Rover car and severely beat his eldest son, who was hospitalized.

It was reported that Yakub Salimov turned to the country's Ministry of Internal Affairs that night, but a month later, law enforcement agencies failed to identify and detain the attackers.

Meanwhile, the press secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan, Nusratullo Mahmadzoda, said that they had not received any complaints or statements about the facts of the attack..

«The Ismoili Somoni District Police Department on August 18 and on other days did not register any complaints about the attacks on Yakub Salimov's house. This is another misinformation from some media», - said Mahmadzoda.

Yakub Salimov's son Abubakr Salimov wrote on his Facebook page that “their house was not attacked and this is a lie”.

«Firstly, we do not have a Range Rover, and all our relatives and neighbors know about it. Secondly, if such an incident happened, neighbors would hear voices, various rumors would spread throughout the city. Or it would be filmed with street cameras and immediately spread on the Internet», - wrote Abubakr Salimov.

He also denied information that he was beaten.

«Fortunately, my state of health is stable, no one beat me and I never went to a hospital!», - wrote Abubakr Salimov.