Tajik Interior Minister Ramazon Rahimzoda said today, August 11, at a press conference that the information about Dilshod Saidmurodov, nicknamed "Dilshod the handsome" - the main suspect in the abduction and murder of deputy chairman of Orienbank Shukhrat Ismatulloev - beeing a member of the "Wagner" PMС is not true.

"In cooperation with foreign colleagues, we will detain him, regardless of which organizations he would be a member of," the Tajik Interior Minister added.

Tajik authorities consider Dilshod Saidmurodov to be the leader of the criminal group that kidnapped Shukhrat Ismatulloev. According to the authorities, he led a criminal group and fled to Russia after the kidnapping and murder of a banker.

Recently, there have been reports in the media that Dilshod Saidmurodov, after the runaway, joined the "Wagner" PMC and is trying to create a "Tajik battalion".