The Prosecutor-General’s office has instituted criminal proceedings against two bloggers – Somon Ghafourzoda and Navrouz Gulzoda – who suspected of a large-scale online fraud. 

The press center of the Prosecutor-General’s Office says criminal proceedings have been instituted against under the provisions of Article 247 (4) of Tajikistan’s Penal Code – large scale fraud.

The criminal proceedings were instituted against them back in early November last year, but the Prosecutor-General’s Office reported this case only on January 10.  

The press center says the abovementioned bloggers, who are residents of Roudaki district, have launched two channels – SOMONOfficial and MAKSIM TV – on YouTube.   They have reportedly held a lottery and put up cars KIA K5, Toyota Camry and Hyundai Sonata as prizes.  

“Promising to sell lottery cars at reduced prices, Ghafourzoda and Gulzoda fraudulently received from citizens 180,500 somonis and 230,200 somonis, respectively,” the press center says, noting that total damage amounted to 590,700 somonis.  

If convicted, they would face a fine in an amount of 1,460 calculating indicators to 2,190 calculating indicators.  The current calculating indicator is equal to 72.00 somonis.   

Meanwhile, both these channels – SOMONOfficial and Отметим, что эти два канала – SOMONOfficial and МАКSIМ ТV – are still available on YouTube.  

The press center notes that the Prosecutor-General’s Office intensifies its activities to detect and prevent fraudulent crimes using the Internet.  

The Prosecutor-General’s Office also gives a number of examples of criminal proceedings related to Internet fraud that have been instituted in recent years.  

They, in particular, not that a false advertising has been launched on YouTube on behalf of Gazpromneft Company about the opportunity to participate in the international exchange and make a profit by purchasing its shares.  

“Influenced by this false advertisement, citizens transferred large sums to unknown persons through their electronic wallets,” the press center emphasizes.