The existing view that frequent introduction of changes into the Law “On state budget” demonstrates inadequate preparation of the given legislative act by related ministries, departments and parliamentarians is not correct, leader of the Communist party of Tajikistan and deputy of the Lower Chamber of Tajikistan’s Parliament Shodi Shabdolov said.

He believes that adjustment of the main financial document of the country in the conditions when the republic is planning to improve its industrial capacities contributes to the development of the country’s economy. “Frequent adjustment of the law on state budget is a normal practice,” Shabdolov said.

“For instance, as a deputy I support the government’s amendments to the 2012 state budget on exemption of construction materials and equipment for construction of Javan cement factory, production of which is so important for many sectors of the national economy, from taxes and customs duties. Exemption from taxes makes this production cheap and competitive,” he said.

He also stressed that the Government of Tajikistan and law makers should clearly understand whose interests they protect when exempting enterprises irrespective of the form of their property from taxes and customs fees. “Those lawmakers who support the moves which protect the interests of mafia or have relation to corruption deals do not worth a dime,” CPT leader has said.

He is confident that the practice of exemption from taxes and customs fees in the country should not only cover the import of new technologies and equipment, but also the agrarian sector.

“Recently I visited Shahrinav region and met with local agrarians who imported rare breeds of cows which produce twice as much milk as local cows but they had to pay taxes and customs fees for importing these cows. As a result farmer are deprived of income and consumers are deprived of cheap milk,” Shabdolov has said.