DUSHANBE, October 1, 2012, Asia-Plus  -- Tajik Foreign Minister has expressed concern about becoming more frequent attempts to denigrate Islam.

In a statement delivered at the General Debate of the 67th session of the UN General Assembly in New York, Tajik Foreign minister Hamrokhon Zarifi noted on September 29 that Tajikistan is convinced that respect for cultural and religious diversity, as well as dialogue among civilizations is essential for global peace and understanding.

“In this regard, we are deeply concerned at the increase in many parts of the world, of efforts to denigrate religions, in particular Islam, by misusing freedom of expression,” said Zarifi.  “We strongly condemn these acts.”

He noted that creation of comprehensive legal norms on human rights is one of the major accomplishments of the United Nations.

“Human rights, alongside with peace, security and development, are the pillars of the UN system.  As a signatory to the major international treaties on human rights, Tajikistan, in a consistent manner, undertakes relevant measures aimed at ensuring protection and promotion of human rights in the country,” said Tajik minister.  “Intending to make a bigger contribution to the implementation of the noble goals of the HRC, the Government of Tajikistan has made a decision to present its candidature to this important body for the term 2015-2017. In this regard, we sincerely hope that the UN member states will render their valuable support to our candidature.”

The sixty-seventh session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) was officially opened on September 18, 2012. The President of the United Nations General Assembly was chosen from the eastern European Group (EEG, which is the smallest regional grouping) with Serbia''s then foreign minister Vuk Jeremic beating out Lithuania''s Dalius Cekuolis in an election.

The opening session of the 67th UNGA included: September 18 – the session was officially opened; September 24 – a high-level meeting took place in regards to the rule of law; and September 25 – the annual General Debate began and continued for about week.

The General Assembly is the main deliberative, policymaking and representative organ of the United Nations. Comprising all 193 Members of the United Nations, it provides a unique forum for multilateral discussion of the full spectrum of international issues covered by the Charter. The Assembly meets in regular session intensively from September to December each year, and thereafter as required.