DUSHANBE , January 16, Asia-Plus - Tajikistan ’s State Finance Control Committee and British audit company are supposed to sign a cooperation agreement in Dushanbe in late January, Asia-Plus has learned from Sharif Mulloyev, First Deputy Chairman of the Tajik State Finance Control Committee.    

            According to him, the agreement will be signed for the purpose of development of potentials of the Committee as well as using of international experience and training of personnel for the Committee.    

            Mr. Mulloyev noted that the World Bank had provided a grant of US$295,000 for these purposes on the condition that the Tajik State Finance Control Committee would cooperate with supreme audit body of one of Western countries.    

“Our choice has fallen on the British state audit service, because the method of work of this company is the closest to our methods of work,” the Asia-Plus interlocutor said, adding that that the main objective of both the British state audit company and the Tajik State Finance Committee is protection of state interests.    

            “Besides this, our task is also control over effective use of state funds,” said Mr. Mulloyev, “Thus, 47%-48% of the national budget of Tajikistan go to providing development of the country’s social sector and one objectives of our committee is in finding out how effectively these funds are spent.” 

According to him, it is necessary to find out an extent of effectiveness of computerization of schools if they are not provided with electricity.  

            “It is necessary to work out new standards and draft new legal documents, which will raise effectiveness of management of state funds,” Sharif Mulloyev said, noting that it was the main task of signing of the agreement with the British audit company.    

            The upcoming meeting in Dushanbe is also supposed to discuss all parameters of carrying out of this work during 2006-2007.  “This work will give impulse for development of finance control in the republic,” Mulloyev said.