DUSHANBE, March 30, Asia-Plus -- Tajikistan’s lower chamber of parliament has endorsed the bill on amendments to the RT Law “On Social Insurance”.

A regular sitting of the second session of the Majlisi Namoyandagon (Tajikistan’s lower chamber of parliament), presided over by its chairman, Saydullo Khayrulloyev, was held on Wednesday March 29.  

            Munim Kholiqov, head of Tajikistan’s Fund for Social Security of the Population (FSSP), presenting the bill noted it provided for coverage of all citizens of Tajikistan with social insurance.  

            Dwelling on Tajik citizens working with international organizations active in the republic, Mr. Kholiqov said that 396 international organizations with totaling more than 20,000 local staffers, which is 2 percent of the country’s economically active population, have to date been registered with Tajikistan’s Justice Minister.              

            “With Fund for Social Security of the Population, only 31 organizations with totaling 960 staffers have been registered so far,” noted Mr. Kholiqov, “While the others have not yet covered by social taxation and do not make payments to FSSP.”   

He also dwelled on problems with seasonal workers of farming units and difficulties with social protection of individual entrepreneurs and labor migrants.  

Mr. Kholiqov speaking to journalists noted that because of existing problems not all representatives from these categories hade been taxable and it had not been determined how they would get pensions and allowances in future.   

“Thus, only 90,000 entrepreneurs paying taxes have been registered in the country,” the FSSP head said.   

“As far as labor migrants are concerned, it is not known yet where they pay social tax and whether they pay the social tax on the whole,” said Munim Kholiqov, “There should be official registration of labor migrants.”

According to him, rights and obligations of the Fund have been extended and individual numbers have been provided for those paying the social tax without fail.