DUSHANBE, June 21, Asia-Plus -- Study of Aryan civilization does not hurt religious feelings of Muslims, an article by Emomali Rahmonov posted on the president’s website says. 

In his article entitled “Aryans and Recognition of Aryan Civilization”, the president notes that gaining by Tajikistan of its independence has become a new page in history of the country and determined the necessity of study of ancient history and culture of the Tajik people.  

“” During his history the Tajik nation has denied and condemned chauvinism and racism.  Lately, a number of publications appeared claiming the study of the Aryan civilization allegedly hurts religious feelings of Muslims.  But it is not true.  We consider this civilization just form the cultural point of view in order that the present and the next generations would know sources of our history and culture and it does not hurt religious feeling,” the president stressed in his article.  

He points out that the Aryan civilization played an important role in formation of cultural and moral values, and historical heritage left by Aryans is evidence this.  “Avesta – holy book of Aryans – is the result of philosophical, religious and moral world-outlook of these people that has not lost its topicality today as well.”