DUSHANBE, August 21, Asia-Plus  -- On Saturday August 19, Dushanbe Mayor, Mahmadsaid Ubaidulloyev, visited Ms. Mamlakat Karimova, the oldest resident of the Tajik capital.  Ms. Karimova is 116, and her elder daughter is 70.

Mamlakat Karimova was born in 1890, and at present she lives in the Qarotegin Street, eastern part of Dushanbe.  Mayor handed over presents to Mamlakat Karimova.  

On the same day, Ubaidulloyev held a meeting with participants of the republican two-day youth festival, which ended  on August 19.  Telling the meeting, the Dushanbe mayor pointed to a significant role of youth in building modern society.  We will recall that more than 200 delegates, including students, teachers, young scientists, and artistes, from all regions of the country took part in the festival.