DUSHANBE, August 22, Asia-Plus -- Activities on explaining efforts to make preparations for the winter are ongoing in Dushanbe.  

Shavkat Saidov, a spokesman for the Dushanbe mayor, employees from the mayor’s office and authorities of the city’s districts, commissions, as well as heads of microrayons and mahalla (communities) are carrying out explanatory work among the population on preparations to the heating season.  

“We explain that holders of private residential buildings in the city should store alternative fuel (firewood, coal and diesel fuel) for autumn-winter 2006-2007,” said Shavkat Saidov, “However, it does not mean that any problems with electricity and natural gas supplies are expected in the winter.  But the last year’s results showed that in the event of interruption in supply of natural gas the population used electric power in excess that caused to accidents on the power-transmission lines.” 

We will recall that a meeting of the Dushanbe mayor’s office to discuss issues related to preparations to ensure the regular work of the city''s economy during autumn-winter 2006-2007 was held on July 31.  The mayor demanded at the meeting that reserves of alternative sources of heating should be prepared alongside with energy resources for educational and health facilities a well as for private residential buildings.