DUSAHNBE, September 25, Asia-Plus - The seventh session of the Dushanbe legislature also discussed a progress of preparation of capital city for the autumn-winter period of 2006-2007.    

Telling the session, Mayor Mahmadsaid Ubaidulloyev demanded that gas meters should be installed in all residential buildings and apartments in Dushanbe before February 1. 

By mayor’s proposal each of four districts in the Tajik capital will receive 100 tons of coal as alternate fuel.  “These stock are main intended for orphanages and preschool institutions,” the mayor stressed.

OryonBonk, ministry of energy, Tajik railways and the Barqi Tojik (Tajik electric systems) power holding are to provide the Dushanbe districts with coals.    

The Barqi Tojik top manager Sharifkhon Samiyev telling the session drew attention of members of the Dushanbe legislature to in admissibility of using homemade electrical appliances

During the session it was pointed to the necessity of strengthening of work of a commission for the preparations for winter.  

The session offered to work out a special agreements that will be concluded between municipal services and householders.