KHOROG, September 26, Asia-Plus - A meeting of the GBAO local authorities was held in Khorog yesterday to discuss preparations for the autumn and winter period of 2006-2007.     

During the meeting it was noted that 1.7 million somonis had been provided to organizations funded from the budget for purchasing coal and firewood.  But according to reports of the GBAO finance department, only 900,000 somonis (55 percent) of this amount have been used so far.  Besides, Khorog and the districts of the region have failed to properly provide themselves with coal and firewood.  

By governor’s resolution heads of all districts and organizations, especially education, health and culture departments, are to tackle the problems connected with adequate preparations for the winter within a month. 

A special regional commission has been set up for controlling a process of preparations for the winter period.  Similar commission have been set up in districts and jamoats as well.  The commissions will also control clearing off debts for electricity and water.