DUSHANBE, November 17, Asia-Plus -- Tajik authorities are currently discussing issues related to the future reorganization of the country’s government.

According to unofficial sources, the government is considering the possibility of division of the executive offices of the president and the government itself.  Under Tajikistan’s Constitution the president is also the head of the government, and therefore at present it is the single structure.  

The source does not rule out that the ministry of state revenues and tax collections will be abolished and the tax department will be transferred to ministry of finance and the customs department will be transferred to the ministry of economy and trade.  

The ministries of energy and industries may be united into one ministry, according to the source. 

The tourism department will be transferred from the ministry of economy and trade to the committee for sports and physical training.  The youth committee may also be merged in to this committee.   

The committee on religious affairs and the committee on family and women’s affairs may also be united into one structure.   

It is also cannot be ruled out that the department for technical-vocational education may be transferred from the ministry of labor and social security to the education ministry, and the labor and social security ministry will be merged in the health ministry, according to the source.  The new structure will be called the ministry of health and social development.  

The issues of uniting the committee for TV and radio-broadcasting and the ministry of culture into one merger is also under consideration.  The new ministry is supposed to be called the ministry of culture and information and the committee itself will be called the state TV and radio company.  

The country’s authorities are also discussing the issue of transferring the state border protection committee to the ministry of security.  According to unconfirmed information, donor countries are against such decision.  The United States, in particular, threatens to stop providing assistance to the Tajik border troops, according to the source..   

Official information about the government reorganization is expected to be publicized next week.