QURGHON TEPPA, December 19, Asia-Plus -- On December 19, President Rahmonov also signed decrees replacing heads of a number of districts in the southern province of Khatlon.

A woman Ruqiya Qurbonova was appointed mayor of Qurghon Teppa, the capital of the Khatlon province.  She had previously been deputy governor of the Khatlon province.  Former mayor of Qurghon Teppa, Mahmadali Nasrulloyev, was appointed to head the Khatlon major construction department.   

Besides, Eshburi Esanqulov was relieved of his post of head of the Shahritus district and appointed head of the Jilikul district.  Head of the Nosir Khusrav district Kholmahmad Rahmonov was appointed acting chairman of the Shahritus district.  M. Sharipov was appointed head of the Nosir Khusrav district.  

Another woman Malika Shukurova, formerly deputy head of the Nosir Khusrav district, was appointed to head the Temurmalik district.  Acting head of the Vakhsh district Tavarali Davaltov was replaced by Alouddin Sattorov.   .  

Mayor of Kulob Abdujabbor Zardiyev was replaced by Homid Abdulloyev.