Deputies of Tajikistan’s lower house (Majlisi Namoyandagon) of parliament have adopted amendments proposed to the law on national budget for 2019.

A regular sitting of the Majlisi Namoyandagon, presided over by its head, Shukurjon Zuhurov, was held on October 30. 

Presenting the bill to lawmakers, Deputy Finance Minister, Karim Gulmurodzoda, noted that the amendments proposed to the law on the national budget for 2019 provide for exempting the Tajik-Belarusian joint venture Agrotekhservis (Agritechservice) from paying the value added tax (VAT) and customs duties during this year.

This close joint-stock company (CJSC), which is located in Hisor district, is exempted from paying VAT while moving finished commodities and from paying customs duties while delivering spare parts to the country for assembly of the agricultural machines.

Speaking at the session, Majlisi Namoyandagon Speaker Shukurjon Zuhurov expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the enterprise has enjoyed those tax benefits since the beginning of the year while the amendments are being made after ten months.    

CJSC Agrotekhservis was introduced into operation in May last year in the presence of the presidents of both countries.  The enterprise assembles Belarusian agricultural machines. 

Over the first nine months of this year, the enterprise has reportedly assembled 160 agricultural machines, including 92 tractors.  40 agricultural machines, including 16 tractors have been exported to neighboring Uzbekistan.  

Meanwhile, Tajikistan’s national budget over the first nine months of this year has received more than 680 million somoni (equivalent to more than 70 million U.S. dollars) less than it was originally planned. 

            Over the first nine months of this year, a total volume of the national budget has reportedly amounted to some 16.7 billion somoni, which is 3.9 percent fewer than the specified plan.