As a part of the municipal redevelopment plan for Dushanbe, some 20 flyovers will be constructed in Dushanbe by 2030, a reliable source within the Dushanbe Administration told Asia-Plus in an interview.  

The projects for construction of three- and to-route flyovers in the Circus area, at the turn to the meat-packing plant, at the turn to airport, in the creamery area, in the U.S. Embassy area, at the 102nd roundabout, in the cement plant area, in the Korvon bazaar area and near the Dushanbe Western Gate are currently under consideration, the source said.  

According to him, the flyovers will be built due to funds provided by the Dushanbe Administration and investments.  

Layout of the flyover in the Qatiyai Bolo area

Meanwhile, the construction of the three-rout flyover at the Avicenna roundabout in the Qariyai Bolo area is nearing completion.  This flyover is part of the project aiming at rehabilitating and upgrading a 62-kilometer road linking Dushanbe to the Uzbek border.

Similar three-route flour has been built in the 82nd roundabout in Dushanbe in the framework of the Dushanbe-Uzbekistan Border Road Improvement Project.  The flyover at the 82nd roundabout was introduced into operation in September last year.