Tajikistan’s upper house (Majlisi Milli) today supported government’s decision to cede nearly 7,660 hectares of territory of the Roudaki district to Dushanbe.

Under this decision, significant parts of the territories of Chimteppa (2,770.34 ha), Sarikishti (1,687.64 ha), Rossiya (1,305.53 ha) and Guliston (919.12 ha) jamoats of the Roudaki district have been ceded to Dushanbe.  

497.36 hectares of the Chorteppa jamoat and 477.26 hectares of the Choryakkoron jamoat and 2 hectares of the Navobod jamoat have also been ceded to Dushanbe.

Thus, Dushanbe territory has been extended by 7,659.25 hectares and it now covers 12,659 hectares.

Recall, the government’s decree approving the Dushanbe municipal redevelopment plan was signed on April 28, 2017.

In accordance with this plan, the territory of the Tajik capital will be extended from the current 12,700 hectares to 18,000 hectares by 2025, 25,000 hectares by 2040 and 30,000 hectares after by 2040.

The territory of Dushanbe will be extended at the expense of territories of Varzob, Hisor and Roudaki districts.

Meanwhile, Dushanbe’s population is expected to reach 936,000 by 2025 and 1.176 million by 2040.

The ambitious municipal redevelopment plan includes the construction of modern buildings and the authorities are seeking to move many old buildings as part of this plan. Plans to demolish some of the most popular landmarks in Dushanbe have sparked outrage.