The Special Quarantine Department has been established at the Interior Ministry of Tajikistan.  

“Our Department began operating on April 20,” the Special Quarantine Department chief , Lieutenant-Colonel Eraj Jourakhonzoda, told Asia-Plus in an interview Wednesday

According to him, their working group consists of fifteen people, and “they carry out various types of cleaning, including disinfection and deratization.”  

“Disinfection measures are taken at offices, enterprises, public place, homes, etc.,” Jourakhonzoda said, noting that they had special equipment for carrying out disinfection operations.   

He further added that their services were chargeable: disinfection of one square meter costs 0.7 somoni and deratization of one square meter costs 0.9 somoni.  

Everyone can contact this department by phone: 93 922 37 86.