The governor of the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO), Yodgor Faizov, told Asia-Plus by phone on May 28 that he is undergoing antiviral treatment for COVID-19.  

According to him, he feels himself good and he will be discharged from a hospital on Monday (June 1).

“My test results have not yet come from Dushanbe but it does not matter.  I am undergoing antiviral treatment for COVID-19 and there are developments on my state,” Mr. Faizov said.  

GBAO governor noted that GBAO needs its own virology lab.  “Lack of the virology laboratory complicates the work of doctors,” Mr. Faizov noted.  

He further noted that they had ordered equipment in China, “but it is still unknown when the equipment will be delivered to the region.”

The governor is continuing to communicate with employees of the GBAO government by phone to discuss all issues.   

Recall, Mr. Yodgor Faizov and his wife have been hospitalized at the Aga Khan Medical Center, Khorog (AKMC, K) on suspicion of contracting COVID-19 infection.

In a policy being linked to the coronavirus outbreak, the GBAO announced on May 26 that they were restricting the movement of people from other areas of GBAO to the regional capital, Khorog.  Gholib Niyatbekov, a spokesman for the GBAO governor, said these restrictive measures would remain in force for 10 days.