The presidential candidate of Tajikistan, the current head of state Emomali Rahmon, in his election program, which was published as a separate brochure, declares that the volume of the republic's GDP over the next seven years will double.

That is, the total volume of revenues of the state budget of Tajikistan, which is planned for 2020 from all sources in the amount of more than 26 billion somoni, in 2027 will amount to 52 billion somoni.

Emomali Rahmon also promises to pay special attention to solving three priority tasks in the next seven years:

- ensuring sustainable development of the national economy and its competitiveness.

- increase in the population of a country with an average income.

- reaching the level of countries with average indicators in the development of the socio-economic sector.

He promises to continue the course to ensure energy, food security and accelerated development of the country's industry.

Emomali Rahmon plans that by 2027 the population of Tajikistan with an average income will be 45% of the total, and the poor - up to 18%.

To support education, medicine, payment of pensions and benefits, he intends to send 123 billion somoni over the next seven years.

He also intends to strengthen cooperation between the state and private business and civil society.