Raids targeting so-called shared taxis (5 somoni/seat) have been launched in Dushanbe.

The Minister of Transport Azim Ibrohim has reportedly ordered to take measures to reveal shared taxi drivers in the Tajik capital.

Representatives of the Ministry of Transport (MoT) jointly with relevant services of the Dushanbe Administration are ordered to determine the number of the shared taxis in the city and resolve the problem, according to the MoT press center.  

Dushanbe authorities say the shared taxi drivers work without any necessary permission documents duplicating public transport itineraries.  They reportedly also “create obstacles in traffic.” 

The MoT press center says explanatory works on legalization of their activities have already been launched among the shared taxi drivers and some of them have concluded contracts with passenger transport companies. 

A working group comprising representatives of the Ministry of Transport, Interior Ministry Traffic Police Directorate and Dushanbe Public Transport Service (Dushanbekhadamotnaqliyotrason) has reportedly been set up.  

Shared taxis (5 somoni/seat) follow a set route.  These cars don’t always show their numbers as they are not strictly legal.  Often they flash their lights at you and display a number with their fingers or hold up a sign in their hands. Just wave your hand to get their attention.  You pay at the beginning of the ride. They appreciate exact change.