Last year, public transport network in the Tajik capital reportedly carried around 245 million passengers, which is 8.3 percent fewer than in 2019.  

The Dushanbe Administration press center says they had to reduce the number of passenger transport due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that led to the decrease in the public transport ridership.

Four state-run companies, 17 private companies and 11 taxi companies are reportedly engaged in carriage of passengers in Dushanbe.  

In the Tajik capital, the carriage of passengers is made along 83 routes, including 26 bus routes, 8 trolleybus routes and 49 taxi shared minibus routes.  

There are more than 4,835 public service vehicles, including 528 state-run public service vehicles, 1,557 taxi shared minibuses and 2,750 taxis, running in Dushanbe, according to the Dushanbe Administration press center.  

This year, the Dushanbe Administration reportedly plans to acquire more than 30 trolleybuses and 50 buses.