Danghara province will be established in Tajikistan by dividing the southwest province of Khatlon into two separate regions. 

The deputy head of Danghara district, Jamshed Sharifzoda, announced this at a news conference in Danghara on July 28.  

“By government’s decision buildings of regional institutions have been under construction in the district for a long time,” he said.   

“For example, the Danghara regional infectious diseases hospital and the Danghara police directorate have been commissioned in Danghara and the construction of buildings of the regional ecology committee, the regional land management committee and the regional sanitary and epidemiological service is under way in the district,” said Sharifzoda.  “This means that Danghara will be the province, but when we don't know yet.”

The construction of new buildings, factories, and roads is already is underway in the area, which was previously known for its vast tracts of agricultural land.  Reports about Danghara potentially becoming a regional hub come as no surprise in Tajikistan.

In 2012, the government opened the State University of Danghara. It was a rare move in a country where universities are usually located in major cities.  In 2016, the prestigious Khatlon Medical University was officially launched in Danghara. It is one of only two medical schools now operating in Tajikistan.  The other is in the capital, Dushanbe.

Recall, iNEWS said on June 29 that ParsToday reported recently that Tajikistan may establish a new province of Samanid by dividing the southwest province of Khatlon into two separate regions.

According to netizens, Tajikistan will establish a new administrative unit in central Danghara on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the country’s independence.

It was reported that the area will include Kulob, Nurek, Roghun and Yovon districts.  

“If the Tajik authorities decide to add a new province, it is better to divide Khatlon province into two regions, with Kulob and Kurgan Tyube (Bokhtar – Asia-Plus) as the centers,” Humanities researcher Umet Jahani said.

According to him, Kulob should become a regional center because the city has historical value and all capabilities will be developed.

The journalist Ahmadshoh Komilzoda said that the establishment of a new administrative unit can simplify the state management procedures and improve the quality of life of residents.

Experts emphasized that the president will issue some important measures before making such a decision.  Earlier, President Emomali Rahmon opened a new school, college, medical center and two factories in Danghara district.

In 2012, plans for a new airport in Danghara invited speculations in Tajikistan that Danghara may place the national capital.  

Radio Liberty said at the time that the airport scheme was not the only reason Danghara’s residents were talking up their town as a possible successor capital.  They reportedly pointed to other unusual capital projects that Tajikistan’s government has brought to the area, including a complete renovation of the town’s roads and extensive building construction. They also noted that over the last 10 years, the government has steadily relocated families from the countryside to Danghara.

At least one government official close to Rahmon on the national stage indicated his support for a change of capitals.  The late Suhrob Sharipov, the former head of the Center for Strategic Studies under the President of Tajikistan, told Radio Liberty in January 2012 that he would support the move of the capital from Dushanbe to Danghara.