Tajik President Emomali Rahmon began a working visit to Khatlon Province today morning, according to the Tajik president’s official website. 

Jayhun (formerly Qumsangir) District is the first leg of his visit to the province.  Rahmon has already inaugurated a number of facilities in the district.  A 50-meter flagpole was reportedly erected in Jayhun.  

The head of state also got acquainted with the project aimed at rehabilitation of central streets in the district’s administrative center, Dousti Town.  More than four kilometers of roads are expected to be asphalted in Dousti Town.       

Besides, Emomali Rahmon visited Iqbol and Khoja Yusuf farming units in Qumsangir jamoat, where he reportedly got acquainted with agricultural practices, including methods of using lands and growing agricultural products.  

Jayhun District (before 2016: Qumsangir District) is a district in Khatlon province. Its capital is Dousti Town.  The population of the district is 139,000 (January 2020 estimate)