Messages about the increase had been causing concern among citizens for several days.

The communication service under the government of the republic officially announced the cancellation of the tariff increase for mobile communication in the country. The decision was published on the official Facebook page of the service.

The statement mentions that all mobile operators in the republic had decided to raise the cost of their tariffs from February 1 and had informed their customers about it through text messages. This elicited a negative reaction in society, especially on social media, where users expressed their dissatisfaction with this decision.

The communication service notes that such actions by mobile operators contradict the directives and instructions of the leadership of Tajikistan. The statement emphasizes that the increase in the cost of mobile services does not align with the goals of the state policy aimed at reducing the prices of communication services and improving their quality.

Moreover, the price hike may have a negative impact on the socio-economic situation of the population and hinder the implementation of important measures for transitioning to non-cash payments.

"The communication service will not allow an increase in the cost of mobile communication, and the entire economic and technical potential of mobile operators will be directed towards expanding the coverage area of mobile networks in regions, improving the quality of mobile communication services, and reducing their cost," the statement from the communication service says.

Mobile users in Tajikistan are urged to ignore messages about the increase in service costs and continue using their tariffs at the current rates.